Prayers from my Heart is a place for musing and meditating. I claim no expertise on poetry or prose, but I believe that my heart sings–I am just doing what I can to turn up the volume a bit.

I explore matters of identity, intimacy, mental health and faith. I come to this place having traveled through being a pastor’s kid raised on Focus on the Family and Christian radio to a person of faith best expressed within the Progressive Christian lens. I believe that the Creating-Redeeming-Sanctifying-God loves us–and more than that is Love. I believe that God is asking primarily for us to love and to be love to our neighbors.

I have an B.A. in Theology and Philosophy from The University of Sioux Falls and a M.Div. from Sioux Falls Seminary, but I have learned most of the important things from listening to the experiences of others, being brave in the questions (and often in the aftermath of my cowardice) and sitting with my fat orange cats when clarity will not come.

I am not always right. I am still learning.